America’s First Pumpkin Seed Oil!

Chef Pumpkinhead

The first pumpkin seed oil produced in the U.S. says, “Move over olive oil!”

Rich, nutty and delicious. This beautiful, dark-red, gourmet oil is wonderful used in salad dressings. Drizzle over squash soups, or enjoy its savory flavor as a dip for bread.


How Hay River Pumpkin Seed Oil Came to Be

2003 Pumpkin Trials

Pumpkin Visions

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The 2014 Season


Got Dirt???? Yup!

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What a Vinter We Had Now!

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Chef Pumpkinhead presents …

Pumpkin seed oil over ice cream

Pumpkin Seed Oil Recipes

Chef Pumpkinhead presents ... Have you ever enjoyed the taste of roasted pumpkin seeds? Pumpkin seed oil has a similar flavor, rich, nutty and delicious. Use it as a flavoring oil in salad dressings, eggs, vegetables and for dipping bread. It has a real affinity for corn and can be used in many … [Read More...]